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ceomessageThis year marks the 67th anniversary of our foundation. I want to thank our customers and shareholders for supporting us in the long history of Advanex group. At the same time, I feel very much honored and responsible to take on my new position as President & COO on June 20, 2013. Our company culture, corporate ethics and spirit of law-abiding and environmental conservation are some of the legacy our former leaders, Kiyoshi Kato, honorary chairman and Yuichi Kato, Chairman had founded and nurtured.

Taking these philosophies as the basis of our company, I would like to commit myself to further promote Advanex’s business. 

Upon taking position as the President, I would like to take a new theme, “Advanex Perfection: Pursuit of excellence in the production” for the entire group. What I want to emphasize with “Advanex Perfection” is as follows. 

We do not work to achieve something that is merely acceptable, but we work to be proud of what we have achieved. Let’s pursue this pride in all our work. 

Advanex continues to be a proposal-based company which provide “Eureka” moments and offer service from our heart. In order to realize this, we will further strengthen our group network of 18 subsidiaries around the world and promote global business.

Along with our new theme, “Advanex Perfection: Pursuit of excellence in the production,” we strive and make strenuous efforts to become your most reliable group of companies in the world. 

I thank you for your continuing support and interest in Advanex group.

Tsuneo Shibano
President & COO

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