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Company History

Advanex Inc.

October 2018
Established Advanex de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.
November 2017
Established Advanex Czech Republic s.r.o
December 2016
Acquired PT Yamakou Indonesia (100%)
October 2016
Acquired Electronic Stampings Corporation business
January 2016
Established factory in Saitama
March 2015
Established factories in Chiba and Miyagi
March 2015
Advanex Inc. transferred 100% of its stock in Daiichi Kasei Holdings Co., Ltd., to Abico Group of Taiwan
September 2017
Established Advanex (India) Private Limited
April 2014
Funabashi Electronics Co.,Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanex Inc.
January 2013
The establishment of a subsidiary in Changzhou
February 2012
Strawberry Corporation changed its name to Advanex Motion Design Inc.
October 2010
KATO PRECISION (U.K.) LIMITED and KATO-ENTEX LIMITED merged and changed to Advanex Europe Ltd.
May 2009
Established a new factory in Minamitsugaru, Aomori.
October 2008
Established a new factory in Nakatsu, Oita.
October 2007
Acquired Daiichi Kasei Holdings Co., Ltd. (100%)
June, 2006
Established KATO SPRING (VIETNAM) LTD. (the present Advanex (Vietnam) Ltd.)
March 2004
Listed on first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
January 2003
Established ADVANEX PRECISION COMPONENTS (DALIAN) CO., LTD. (the present Advanex (Dalian) Inc.)
December 2002
Established ADVANEX PRECISION COMPONENTS (DONGGUAN) CO., LTD. (the present Advanex (Dongguan) Inc.)
October 2001
Strawberry Corporation was listed on JASDAQ. (Delisted in 10/2011)
July 2001
Changed the corporate name to ADVANEX INC.
January 2001
Established KATO SPRING (SHANGHAI) CO. LTD. (the present Advanex (Shanghai) Inc.)
January 1998
Established KATO SPRING (THAILAND) LTD. (the present Advanex (Thailand) Ltd.)
July 1996
Established Strawberry Corporation
July 1996
Moved the Headquarter to 6-1-1 Tabata, Kita-ku, Tokyo.
March 1996
Established a new factory in Onomachi, Fukushima. (Closed in 6/2009)
August 1994
Established KATO PRECISION (HONG KONG) LIMITED (the present Advanex (Hong Kong) Ltd.)
October 1993
Purchased SENIOR ENTEX LTD and changes its name to KATO-ENTEX LIMITED
September 1988
January 1978
Established KATO SPRING (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. (the present Advanex (Singapore) Pte.Ltd.)
November 1976
Established the head factory in Kashiwazaki, Niigata.
May 1971
Established KATO SPRING OF CALIFORNIA,INC. (the present Advanex Americas,Inc.)
May 1964
Listed on Second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
December 1963
Moved the head factory to 1-1-3 Tabata, Kita-ku. (new factory: 2,224m2)
November 1946
Incorporated as KATO SPRING WORKS CO., LTD. and founded the head factory in Sekimachi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo.
April 1930
Mr. Inokichi Kato, who was our first president, founded the spring factory in 1 Sakai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.










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