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The Problem

An Electrical equipment manufacturer located in the Tohoku district was faced with reducing the costs of bought out components to meet their customers’ cost reduction targets. The components were flat springs, similar in shape, for the left and right hand side of a radiator cooling fan motor. Their existing supplier was unable to offer any significant cost reduction so they approached ADVANEX to see what we could offer.

The Solution

ADVANEX decided to use our multi forming machine process to produce the components rather than using a power press method used by our competitor. The advantages of the multi forming machine are:

  • Lower material cost for the components  by reducing the material wastage.
  • Reduced tool costs. One die set to produce both similar left and right hand parts.

Although ADVANEX’s  cost saving proposal for the components and the tooling were accepted by the customer, it was the first time they had considered using a multi forming process and they were nervous about adopting it.

Using videos, photos and sketches drawn by our ADVANEX sales person and engineer we explained the multi forming process and the mechanics of reducing material usage to the customer’s engineer and convinced him to proceed to the prototype stage.

To finish the fine adjustments of the die set design and complete the die set, the customer audited the factory where we would produce the products.

Final adjustments were then made when the customer’s QC person visited the factory in Kashiwazaki  before commencing mass-production.

For the customer it was their first time to see the multi forming process and they were impressed by our management system and facilities.

The customer now trusts ADVANEX and we are developing other products for them.

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Product Flat Spring
Forming Method Multi Forming
Location Japan
Customer Electrical Equipment
Application Radiator Motor
Market Automotive
Leadtime 12 Months
Purpose Cost Reduction
Solution Prototype processing, imagination & technology
Customers Benefit 20% Cost Reduction