Advanex Singapore win Outstanding Vendor Award for 2016

The end of financial year 2016 has meant manufacturers from around the globe reward suppliers for their hard work. Advanex Singapore is delighted to share the happy news on receiving the
Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Singapore (PAPRDSG).

On 28 March 2017, Ms Katherine Foo received the award from Mr Atsunao Terasaki,
MD of both PAPRDSG & PAPRDMY (Malaysia) at their Singapore plant. This is the second
consecutive Year for ASG to be awarded the Outstanding Vendor Award from PAPRDSG.

The award criteria were based on QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery & Service) performance and Advanex were selected
from 120 suppliers. It was a great achievement for our team who take pride in making good
quality parts consistently and wholeheartedly. A big “Thank You” to our Winning Team for
their excellent performance.

During the award presentation, Ms Foo was honoured to share our success story to the audience.

She talked about building a high performance local team, aligning our 7 core values to our daily work
habits, promoting teamwork, fostering healthy competition and a spirit of cooperation which results
in high morale and a happy working environment.

Our timely communication to the employees every morning through tool box meetings informing
any critical issues relating to quality and service in the last 24 hours that require immediate attention
has been a great communication tool to enhance quality awareness and has created both quality mind-sets and a positive work attitude in our people.

As a learning organisation Advanex Singapore conducts company-wide quality awareness training every quarter and
during our Synergy meeting (general meeting attended by all employees) we have a Quality Quiz to recapture good 6S methods and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in the company.
All employees also renewed our commitment to our Customer Care Statement during this meeting.

Ms Foo thank PAPRDSG for their great partnership and the opportunity to serve them in the last 2 decades
and emphasised Advanex’s commitment in continuing our efforts to raise customer satisfaction and meeting future
expectations of our customers.