Advanex Thailand receive 3 Awards from Canon

On the 21st of November Advanex Thailand received not one, not two, but three awards from Canon Hi-Tech in Thailand.

The first award we won was the “Best Performance Award”. This required ATH (Advanex Thailand) to attend a “Total Productive Maintenance” activities running from March to October 2017. Advanex were then selected to go through to the final round of the award. This required several ATH employees to attend Canon HQ in Thailand and present their production maintenance. Advanex were then selected as winners from all of Canon’s suppliers in Thailand.

The second award received was a “Certificate of Special Thanks” which was given to ATH on account of their fantastic cooperation for quality improvement as a part of the Total Productive Maintenance activities they completed for the “Best Performance Award”.

The third award was given to ATH thanks to their environmentally friendly production. The “Excellent Green Activity” award was given to all companies whose production lines were in good order with chemical management and were not perceived to damage the environment.

We would like to congratulate Advanex Thailand on these awards and thank everyone who was involved in receiving them! Awards like this prove Advanex are capable of supporting large companies around the globe and they are something we are very proud of.